Retrofitting underfloor heating in old buildings – renovation with SCHÜTZ.

Underfloor heating has long been standard in new builds. And those who do not want to do without it in old buildings can have underfloor heating retrofitted. Our systems, which are particularly suitable for renovation, meet the everyday requirements of retrofitting: they impress with extremely low installation heights, low total weight, and quick and easy installation.

This quickly establishes a pleasant warmth and comfort.

Good reasons for retrofitting underfloor heating


Thanks to consistent positioning of the heating pipes right under the surface, the floor warms up fast.

Unlike conventional radiators, you also benefit from a low flow temperature. This has a noticeable impact on reducing energy costs.


The body absorbs heat much more quickly on floors heated with underfloor heating. This way, we quickly feel comfortably warm.

So-called radiant heat warms the body in a similarly pleasant way as sunlight.


Underfloor heating can be ideally combined with efficient heating technology based on renewable energies, such as heat pumps, as well as state-of-the-art control technology.

This reduces energy consumption on the one hand and uses energy more sparingly on the other.

Our renovation systems

When renovating, you are faced with a wide variety of structural requirements. We offer you the corresponding solutions. Whether as thin or light as possible, with little effort, or with insulation.


Renovation at new-build level

Dry wall construction

Low inherent weight

Velcro fleece

On existing screed


No installation height

You can build on this!

Trust in the proven quality of Schütz.
With our decades of expertise, we ensure the best materials in your building.
This is how Made in Germany works!


  • When is retrofitting underfloor heating in old buildings worthwhile?

    Retrofitting an underfloor heating system makes sense if you are renovating your property. In the course of this, you can install a SCHÜTZ underfloor heating system, which leads to increased energy efficiency, especially due to its insulation. Well-insulated floors with underfloor heating can thus be used as the sole source of heating. At the same time, less energy is lost to the environment and your energy costs are reduced.

  • Can individual rooms be retrofitted with underfloor heating?

    Even if your property features radiators, you can retrofit underfloor heating in individual rooms and effortlessly connect them to the existing heating system using heating circuit manifolds.

  • Is underfloor heating more energy-efficient than conventional radiators?

    Conventional radiators have higher energy consumption with a significantly higher flow temperature (approx. 70 °C). Underfloor heating requires a maximum flow temperature of 45 °C, which noticeably increases energy efficiency.

  • Can radiators be exchanged for underfloor heating?

    Replacing radiators with underfloor heating is easily possible. At the same time, you benefit from more extensive and even heat distribution compared to other systems. The lower working temperatures and flexible room design without any annoying radiators also speak in favour of converting to underfloor heating.

  • What floor coverings are suitable for underfloor heating?

    For maximum efficiency, tiles or stone are best suited thanks to their high level of heat conductivity. But other floor coverings are also conceivable. Always observe the information provided by the manufacturer.

  • Why should I choose a system with a low installation height?

    The installation height describes the thickness of the underfloor heating system between the load-bearing substrate and the floor covering. The closer the pipes are to the surface, the better the heat can be transferred and the room warmed. In any case, the height of the floor is an important criterion in older buildings. Depending on the respective application, we offer special thin-layer systems for this purpose.

  • What solutions are available if no additional installation height is possible in the floor?

    We also offer suitable solutions for construction projects in which an additional construction height cannot be implemented. Our milling system enables installation at 0 mm installation height in the floor. Alternatively, installation in the wall or ceiling is also an option. Interested? Talk to us!

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