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Kultur im Turm Oberhausen (D)

A unique artistic landmark is currently emerging in the heart of the Ruhr District: an old water tower is being developed and converted into a cultural centre. Special feature: It is to be widely and inexpensively available as a creative space for artists. Those collaborating with the artist, initiator and creator of the project, Christoph Stark, are therefore planning a diverse and versatile centre from which inhabitants of the entire region will benefit.

Strong support

To ensure constantly pleasant temperatures in the new home for national and international artists, SCHÜTZ Energy Systems also supported the association in the form of an R50® surface heating system specially developed for renovating old buildings. 

Thanks to the extremely low installation height of only 52 millimetres, the prevailing heights and character of the rooms remained practically unchanged. Last November, 377 R50® system panels and 4,200 metres of PE-Xa system heating piping were installed on more than 600 square metres distributed across three floors. And the association will continue to benefit from the advantages of the R50® high-performance floor: the high heat output at low flow temperatures permits low energy consumption over the long term and therefore essentially lower utility costs than for conventional surface heating systems.

Strong result

In terms of comfort, future users of the tower will enjoy the benefits of integrated sound impact and thermal insulation representing a major advantage in such a busy meeting place. One particular highlight on completion of the floors took the form of coloured screed. Black, white and red – each of the three floors was given a different colour and with it a unique floor which simultaneously exudes mild radiant heat.

Object details

Building TypeWater tower

Area600 m²

System R50 renovation system


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