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Eon Administration Essen (D)

The new Eon Ruhrgas headquarters in Essen opened its doors in October 2010. The approx. 1,800 employees were delighted to be moving into such a modern and large office building. Completion of the new administrative building saw the end of a gigantic construction project extending over a period of four years and costing approx. €200 million.

The planners and architects aimed to achieve an ambitious goal: the new headquarters were to reduce primary energy requirements by another approx. 40 per cent compared to administrative buildings already built to current standards.

Owing to its excellent technical energy-saving values and swift installation as well as high degrees of tread resistance, the Schütz profiled panel system was installed on an area spanning 4,800 square metres. A total of 31,680 metres of PE-Xa piping, 25 heating circuit manifolds and 268 heating circuits were installed.

Object details

Building TypeOffice building

Area4,800 m²

Systemprofiled panel system


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