Schütz Klett system –

For easy installation.

The hook and loop system permits swift and uncomplicated installation. The high-quality top layer material provides maximum retention through perfect interconnection by heating pipes and system insulation panels while pipe positions can be easily corrected at any time. To ensure that all pipes are laid straight and at the right distance apart, the scale on the insulating panel offers a uniform orientation aid.

Klett system technology: 

high installation rate

Thermal and impact sound 

insulation from expanded 

polystyrene high resistance foam 

EPS-T according to EN 13163

Plastic coating with interwoven fibres 

and 5 cm grid pattern as 

screed damp-proofing according 

to DIN 18560 and for securing 

the heating pipes.

Blunt edge

Long-sided 30 mm 

upper layer overlap


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