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Guest House Hotel Schloss Montabaur (D)

The imposing core of the building, roughly 340 square metres in size, is surrounded by 77 bedrooms and suites arranged in rings over two and a half storeys. It is both a meeting place and an oasis for relaxation. The eight-metre high, domed glass roof provides uninterrupted views of the sky, and floods the Atrium, which has no other windows, with daylight.

Visitors are treated to a truly unique sense of space with a pleasant ambiance thanks to the supply of pre-heated fresh air. One thing guests will not find in this inspiring place are distracting ventilation noises or unpleasant drafts, as the Atrium is optimally heated and ventilated by AIRCONOMY®. One of the outstanding features of our heating/ventilation system with an optional cooling function is that it is invisibly installed under the floor where visitors see no trace of this multifunctional system, which combines warm water underfloor heating with controlled air exchange and heat recovery. All the most attentive guest might spot are the 37 tiny and practically invisible ventilation slits in the floor in front of the walls – that’s all there is to see!

Picture credit: Hotel Schloss Montabaur

Object details

Building TypeNew-build

Areaca. 3,000 m²



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Download PDF

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