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Heating oil tank systems –

For modern and safe heating oil storage.

Compact and versatile: SCHÜTZ heating oil storage tanks are distinguished by their intelligent compact design, thereby offering optimum utilisation of space. Various tank solutions with variable storage volumes ranging from 700 to 10,000 litres offer the right solution for any requirement.


TANK IN TANK plastic

"TANK IN TANK", the system with an inner container and a collection pan, guarantees double protection and eliminates the need for …



TANK IN TANK galvanised

The combination of HDPE and steel materials is impervious to light and guarantees a long service life and stability…



The SCHÜTZ Multitank

Whether for industry, agriculture or private households: its excellent product characteristics make the Multitank indispensable for a wide variety of applications. …



Storage and disposal tanks 

Proven time and again – the compact storage and transport containers by SCHÜTZ. For the special requirements of industry ...

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SCHÜTZ diesel tank system 

Fitted with a manual or an electric pump, the storage and disposal tank becomes a practical "petrol station" for…



Safe heating oil storage with modern TANK-IN-TANK systems

Protect yourself from high costs and have your old oil tank system inspected. German basements are home to incalculable risks …


Modern and odour-neutral heating oil storage

Our modern heating oil tanks open up new possibilities and provide you with relief. The twin-wall design offers maximum safety, is space-saving and makes sure odours stay where they belong – inside the tank. Freeing up valuable space for things of real importance.

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