Modern underfloor heating by SCHÜTZ –

Comfortable, economical, sustainable.

The trend in heating private and public buildings is clearly moving towards underfloor heating. There are many reasons for this: not only are living comfort and health important decision criteria, but energy, cost-effectiveness and sustainability are also key advantages of underfloor heating. SCHÜTZ underfloor heating systems are complete solutions with flexible, integrated components, developed and tailored perfectly to your needs.

Comfortable, cosy and healthy

  • Comfort and cosiness through large-surface, gentle radiant heat
  • Ideal distribution of temperature in terms of thermal physiology
  • Reduced airborne dust compared with traditional radiators (convection)
  • Allowing and flexible interior design

long-lasting and green

Low flow temperatures of underfloor heating in combination with modern heating generators such as condensing boilers, heat pumps and solar panels cut energy costs by up to 13%.

Primary energy consumption

with radiators

with low-temperature underfloor heating

Calculation according to DIN 4108-6 and DIN 4701-10/12

All components are
manufactured by SCHÜTZ.

From insulation to controls – everything from a single source. This ensures quality, cost-efficiency and facilitates effective planning, ordering and order processing.

The SCHÜTZ guarantee

  • System warranty
  • All major underfloor heating components manufactured in-house, according to DIN EN 1264
  • Co-ordinated system components
  • Manufactured in Germany

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