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KTM Motohall Mattighofen (AT)

At the heart of the town of Mattighofen on a 10,000 m² site stands a unique interactive exhibition: the KTM Motohall, situated only a few steps away from the first workshop of the company’s founder, Hans Trunkenpolz. The KTM Motohall offers visitors an unforgettable experience: it is packed with displays and information about motorcycle heroes, their machines and adventures, history, innovations, engineering and technology of the motorcycle and the KTM name.  

To give visitors and employees of KTM Motohall a comfortable indoor climate all year round, an underfloor heating system in combination with component cooling and a demand-controlled ventilation system was installed. “The planning challenge was the unique design of the KTM Motohall, for instance the oval building and the floors that slope in opposite directions in the exhibition area”, explains Ernst Grillenberger of the engineering firm Ing. Grillenberger GmbH & Co. KG. “In addition, the client wanted the building technology to be as invisible and silent as possible, i.e. the brief was that they should disappear completely within the floor construction, thus necessitating a system that is very hardwearing and resistant to footfall.” AIRCONOMY®, our compact complete system for heating, ventilation and cooling, complied with all these requirements, making it the ideal solution.

Object details

Building TypeNew-build

Area8.300 m²



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