Retrofitting underfloor heating. Easy – with the SCHÜTZ milling system.

Are you planning an energy refurbishment and switching to an efficient heating system? Our proven milling system can be used in almost any building. In this way, underfloor heating can be retrofitted in already existing screed. Particular attention is paid to a fast, low-dust and uncomplicated procedure during such a modernisation.
With our method, we also guarantee a zero construction height, perfect for retrofitting underfloor heating in old buildings.

Fast and easy – How to convert to underfloor heating in no time at all

Largely dust-free milling of the heating pipe ducts into the already exposed screed enables underfloor heating to be integrated even in old buildings. The individual steps of this procedure:

When does it make sense to use the milling system?

As a general rule: the milling system can be used in a variety of ways in old buildings. Whether in single-family homes, apartment buildings, or large commercial buildings.

Unlike complex wet installation or the question of whether the installation height is sufficient for a thin-layer system, the milling system is subject to only a few structural requirements.

Our service components

Advantages of milling the underfloor heating


  • Fast laying = swift construction progress
  • Milling is carried out by experienced SCHÜTZ installation teams


  • No additional installation height
  • No need to renovate the core of the floor
  • No additional weight per unit area


  • Documentation of all safety and function tests carried out
  • Advice, planning, delivery and installation from a single source


  • The milling system enables subsequent connection of modern panel heating systems to existing heating systems

You can build on this!

Trust in the proven quality of Schütz.
With our decades of expertise, we ensure the best materials in your building.
This is how Made in Germany works!

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  • What needs to be observed when installing a milling system?

    Since the heating pipe ducts are milled into existing screed, it should be cleaned and levelled beforehand. This allows the pipes to be installed at the same height. To prevent possible cracks, the screed should have a minimum thickness of 40 mm.

  • Which floor types can be milled into?

    Underfloor heating can be milled into cement or anhydrite screed. It is not possible to mill into mastic asphalt screed or concrete. Tiles or an existing concrete floor cannot be milled into either.

  • Will the site be dirty?

    The innovative process means that hardly any dust is incurred. A high-performance hoover is integrated into the milling machine, which collects all the dust that accumulates. Accordingly, the heating can also be milled in after painting the walls. Sensitive items should be protected as a precaution.

  • What requirements must be met before milling?

    The specific structural requirements are outlined in our “Milling system” flyer. It can also be found above these questions or alternatively in our downloads.

  • How much can be milled on a single day?

    On average, our assembly teams mill and install an area of 80 m² per day. Unlike classic installation with wet screed, your building project can be completed within only a few days.

  • Can different underfloor heating systems be combined?

    You can combine your new underfloor heating system with existing heating systems. A combination and thus parallel operation with existing radiators is also possible, whereby the type of heat generator is irrelevant. However, it is particularly recommended to connect to devices for the generation of renewable energies, such as heat pumps.

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