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Nursery School Nettetal (D)

The new-build nursery school of the Bongartz Foundation in Nettetal opened in October 2010.

From Monday to Friday, four groups totalling 80 children, aged from one to six years, are accommodated. In order to use the 870 m² area for the children effectively and not to waste any space, intrusive and potentially dangerous technology, for example large radiators, were dismissed.

The hygiene-certified AIRCONOMY® system provides an absolutely comfortable environment. The controlled ventilation function expells spent or unpleasant-smelling air. The exchange of odour- and pollutant-loaded air most importantly also allows children literally draw a deep breath again: the integrated filters of the ventilation system remove pollen, dust and particulate matter before they reach the rooms. In addition, the continuous ventilation function prevents humidity and the growth of mould. 

AIRCONOMY® is entitled to the hygiene and cleanliness claim thanks simply to managed cleaning and air pressure application. At any time a well-tempered fresh air supply is possible. It creates a cosy space - ideal for crawling, hopping, running, sleeping and cuddling.

Object details

Building TypeNew-build

Area870 m²


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