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Office Building Selters (D)

A very modern administration building built according to sustainable construction methods and energy-efficient equipment offers an ideal work environment. According to the sustainability philosophy of the company this new office complex was also fitted with resource-conserving equipment with due consideration for the environment and nature. AIRCONOMY®, the multifunctional surface heating system developed by SCHÜTZ ENERGY SYSTEMS, ensures a comfortable climate in every single office. SCHÜTZ is continuing to develop the German foundation location in Selters/ Westerwald. After only a six-month construction time the new administration building was completed. The new building was desperately needed since the existing office complex had become too small due to steady expansion. The number of administrative personnel has nearly doubled over the last ten years.

Now on four generously-designed floors the most modern office units with enough place and excellent infrastructure are accommodated. Every workspace is comprised of optimum, contemporary working conditions. The architects and in-house designers placed high value on the sustainable construction methods and extremely energy-efficient building equipment. Thus the approximately 3,000 square metre office complex is fitted with a modern heat pump and is cooled passively by earth tubes.

For the first time ever, the unique SCHÜTZ ENERGY SYSTEMS-developed four-channel system was used to support the highly-efficient energy and building equipment. What is unique is that while previously the multifunctional underfloor heating AIRCONOMY® system offered heating, controlled ventilation and cooling, now both heating and cooling can be done simultaneously,controllable in each individual office. This is achieved by using a new heating manifold - a product innovation of SCHÜTZ ENERGY SYSTEMS which be available soon.

The new administration centre therefore offers employees not only a comfortable climate, but also for many years an environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving energy application at the highest level of efficiency. The realization of the carefully thought out project underlines again a central aspect of the SCHÜTZ enterprise guiding principles: Sustainability. The protection of the environment and nature has been a principle since the foundation of SCHÜTZ. 

Object details

Building TypeNew-build

Areaca. 2,779 m²



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