Safe heating oil storage – 

with modern tank-in-tank systems.

Protect yourself from high costs and have your old oil tank system inspected.

German basements are home to incalculable risks for the environment – and for their owners. Around 5.6 million oil heating systems are still in operation in households throughout Germany. The Bundesverband Lagerbehälter e. V. estimates the number of oil tanks older than 20 years at around 4.5 million.

Most of them – between three and four million tanks – are urgently in need of modernisation. In the event of a leak, owners can be liable for extensive costs.


For this reason, we recommend inspection by a specially-certified heating or tank protection specialist company or expert for tanks which are more than 20 years old.

Although tanks with volumes of less than 10,000 litres are not subject to inspection by law, building owners would however be personally liable in the event of a claim. Tanks with volumes exceeding 10,000 litres in water conservation areas and/or flood areas as well as all tanks installed underground must be inspected by an expert after maximum 5 years.


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