Schütz industrial underfloor heating system – 
for withstanding any load.

SCHÜTZ industrial underfloor heating is particularly suitable for heating and cooling expansive industrial buildings such as production facilities, warehouses and workshops or even large aircraft hangars. The underfloor heating is installed within the base plate, whereby the heating pipes are secured to the lower reinforcement steel mesh depending on the static specifications.

System features:

  • Industrial underfloor heating with heating pipes in the base plate without a separate screed layer
  • Pipe support mats available on request
  • Floor structure with lower and upper reinforcement in accordance with on-site realisation of industrial floors subject to high loads


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Industrial manifold

Modular brass round pipe manifold 1½" made of high-quality brass Ms 63, dezincification-resistant. Modular design with flat sealing 2" outer thread on one side and 2" union nut on the other. Exits with ¾" Eurokonus connection, distance 80 mm, stoppers ½" in inflow and return manifold for attachment of a KFE tap, ball valve in inflow, regulating valve with pre-setting in return, pressure-tested in differential pressure test procedure, packed in cardboard. The manifold modules can be screwed together with flat seals to increase the number of exits accordingly.


Product Variants

Heating circuitsLengthArticle numberadd to watchlist
2178 mm5001844
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3258 mm5001845
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4338 mm5001846
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5418 mm5001847
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6498 mm5001848
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1. AG 2" flat seal

2. Breather and discharge valves

3. Manifold end cap

4. Ball valve with ¾” Eurokonus connection

5.Backflow valve adjustable and lockable via 0.75” Eurokonus connection 

Further information on request.